This is it.  The inaugural blog post.  I only get one of these, so I had to make sure it was perfect.  It’s not, but boy did I – in hindsight – stress over the tone and content for this in an elusive attempt at perfection.  Turns out, like most things, you just gotta be yourself and the imperfections are likely only glaring to me. Besides, as hard as it may be to believe, what you see here is what you’ll get when you interact with us.  Just us.  A group of people passionate about connecting people to places, creating clear value to our clients and their businesses, and having a whole lot of fun in the process. We stress authenticity here for several reasons, but mostly because people can smell inauthenticity a mile away……and we far prefer the high-octane scent of jet fuel.   

I gotta admit, after writing about, consuming, and discussing banking and finance topics for over a decade, switching topics and industries is far more fun than I would have imagined.  So, with that out of the way here are a few thoughts from my first few weeks here at Silverhawk and a little about what to expect in future posts.  

The observations: 

  • Aviation isn’t banking, but it kinda is…..This business, like most (and my former), is all about relationships and relationships are still relationships, people are still people, and relationship management still comes down to communication, authenticity, and a willingness and ability to problem-solve.  
  • This product is pretty frickin’ cool. 
  • Organizational transparency is king, both internally and externally. 
  • The foot doesn’t come off the gas.
  • Intentionality matters in all of you.

What to expect: 

Technically speaking all of these posts will be somewhere between 400 – 700 words, cover topics in or around aviation, and they’ll be posted on a monthly basis every first Friday.  What they’re really designed to do, though, is pull the cover back on private aviation.  This product is a big commitment no matter how you choose to buy, which puts education front and center before the process really starts.  The better educated clients are, the better decisions are made, the happier the clients are, the happier everyone is. So, here’s some of what we’ll cover (in no particular order) to help educate, inform, and make a decision right for you:  

  • The benefits of private aviation for your business.
  • The future of private aviation and industry trends. 
  • Addressing myths and misconceptions. 
  • Where we visit most. 
  • Planning trips.
  • A safety and maintenance guide. 
  • Which program is right for you?
  • Jet Card basics.
  • Exploring fractional ownership.
  • How to evaluate and choose a management company. 

Here’s to learning together!