You fly privately so your travel can be focused around you. Shouldn’t your jet card be designed the same way? Don’t pay more for an aircraft to position from across the country when there is a capable, flexible, and established fleet right in your backyard. The Silverhawk Jet Card offers you exclusive access to unparalleled rates and terms, providing the greatest possible value for your travel dollar.

With the Silverhawk Jet Card, you may utilize more than one aircraft at a time. With access to our entire fleet and no interchange fees, you’re never forced to pay for more aircraft than you need.

The initial deposit is *$100,000. Funds will only be deducted from your account as you travel. The unused balance on account is refundable at any time and has no expiration date for use. The rates and terms listed below are valid 1) for 12 months from the date of your deposit; or 2) until your balance on account is zero, whichever occurs first. In either case, an additional $100,000 deposit will lock-in the current rates and terms for an additional 12-month period.

*During these uncertain times, we want to provide all travelers a safer and more flexible option to meet their changing travel needs. With this in mind, for the next 90 days (mid June) we have lowered the minimum threshold for a Jet Card Purchase from $100,000 down to increments of $25,000. 


the benefits

  • No membership fees or dues
  • No fuel surcharges
  • No crew charges
  • No charge for taxi time
  • No peak day or holiday charges
  • No blackout dates
  • Free WiFi, texts, and calls on all jets
  • Access to the entire Silverhawk Aviation fleet, with no interchange fees

midwest focus

The Silverhawk Jet Card is focused on connecting our Midwest customers with destinations across North America and the Caribbean. Our Midwest focus allows us to leverage our in-house maintenance and avionics teams, fuel, and hangars whenever possible. This means we can take those savings and give them back to our partners. Re-positioning from Lincoln is free or reduced depending on where you’d be flying to or from:

**If you are outside of this zone, please contact us for an individualized, risk-free analysis of your needs. We look forward to helping you reach destinations across North America and the Caribbean.


  To learn more about how the Jet Card can benefit you, please contact us at 531.333.4040 or complete the form below.

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