Hard to believe it’s been an entire month since the last one of these things, isn’t it? A lot of learning (still don’t know how planes fly, though), some closings, and a ton of great conversation has happened since. Boy, have I been getting some reps in.  I clocked over 60 conversations, introductions, email exchanges, etc. with prospective clients in the month of April and realized that while most people are familiar with what private aviation is (and the value it creates for them and/or their business) most are wholly unfamiliar with how the service gets delivered, how the delivery “options” differ, and what those differences really mean to them as clients.

All of that to say, in this month’s is going to explain the different options, how they work, and what a typical customer is in each. We find that product/customer fit is of the utmost importance when delivering concierge-level service for such an exclusive product.

Charter/Retail – Big anniversary coming up and want it to be special? Important trip for work with a tight schedule and multiple stops? Designed around the infrequent trip and one-off flights, retail are a pay-as-you-go scenario. This is the easiest way to get in the air, the highest cost/hour, and the easiest way to “try before you buy” (because we both know you will).  We plan, you fly, we invoice, you pay. That easy.

Jet Cards – Take frequent personal trips, snow-birding, or travel for work? Fixed hourly rates, a deposit we charge against, no membership fee(s), and free repositioning within 200 (nautical) miles? Jet cards are the epitome of ease and access, and considerably cheaper than retail rates.

Fractional – Cost effectiveness maximized. Ownership in a sweet asset.  Tax benefits. What isn’t there to love? Ideal for those traveling often, taking a variety of trips of varying lengths (and typically 40+ hours of flying annually), and for those that want ultimate cost effectiveness and productivity.  Anywhere, any time, all on your schedule.

Managed Aircraft – Already own an aircraft but tired of dealing with the administrative hassle? Want to keep owning an aircraft and having unfettered access but don’t want to deal with hiring, hangar, maintenance, insurance, scheduling, and the multitude of other costs associated with self-management? That’s where we come in 😉

Regardless of the option that best suits your travel needs, you get the same extraordinary service, the same people who know you and your family, and the same satisfaction in working with a strong, midwestern partner.  And that is how we best serve you.

Till next time,