Have you ever seen a movie that could have ended differently?  One where they didn’t have to end it that way, but you could tell the studio really wanted to squeeze a sequel or series out of it?  That’s me, I’m the studio.  I probably could have gotten it all in one but here I am pushing for a sequel. I’m just kidding….sort of.

I needed the numbers for this one but it’s not really about the numbers, you know? It’s more about the implications and bringing some of the information together. The way I see it, you’ve seen the fleet (admittedly not my best writing, I was sleep deprived), you’ve seen the numbers, you know what we do, and now the only thing left to do is look at our clients.  Who’s actually using these things and in what way are they using them?  So, in a loose adaptation of my “by the numbers” theme from last month, I thought I’d dig into the characteristics of our clients rather than the flights themselves. Basically, what characteristics do our happiest clients have in common? The answers will be slightly less specific than some of the flight data because, you know, privacy.

The biggest takeaways?

  • E-N-T-R-E-P-R-E-N-E-U-R-S. Irrespective of industry, a vast, vast…..vast majority of our clients are, or were, entrepreneurs. It seems we have an incidental affinity for innovative minds, risk takers, go getters, and those unafraid to dream.
  • Building upon our love of entrepreneurs, we have a great appreciation for creators. Those who build things, design things, and create things. Construction, Manufacturing, Architecture, Agriculture, and Engineering are all staples amongst the industries our clients represent.
  • Our services cater to a mixture of business and personal use, favoring business use. While we have a great appreciation for the personal element, it seems we thrive when helping our clients drive their businesses forward.

As we celebrate what makes our clients our clients, it reinforces our commitment to providing service that aligns with the passion and ambition of our clients.  While I joke often, one thing I never joke about is customer experience and our gratitude in being their partner in growth, efficiency, and fun. Understanding who we serve, and who we serve well, today, allows us to continue to refine our service delivery and deliver on our mission of exceptional experiences. Rest assured, our offerings will continue to evolve as the needs of our clients change, but the focus will always be you – our client.

Until next time,