I like to start the year on the same page. Resolutions are stupid.  Commitments to incremental progress are not.  Clear goals, and clear accountability along the way. So, here’s me holding myself, and our team, accountable both to our performance last year and our goals for the upcoming year.

Here’s how we fared in 2023:

  • A hair shy of 25% growth in net new customers in our Jet Card portfolio.
  • A new, membership-based Jet Card program rolled out. A “Country Club of the Skies” model if you will.
  • A hair over 15% growth in net new customers in our Fractional portfolio with just over half of our share availability sold.
  • Three new aircraft.
  • Strong renewal performance in our fractional portfolio with the only non-renewals having been a part of the original purchase(s).

Moral of the story? We won new partnerships, the right partnerships, and kept our customers happy in the face of some industry-wide (and macroeconomic) headwinds. All things considered, 2023 was a good year and saw some important shifts in our team(s) that will allow for a significant amount of growth and was a foundation-building and strengthening year for Silverhawk.  We’ve got all the building blocks, we’ve got the instructions to put them together, and we’re ppprrreeetttyyy sure we know what it makes. Now the only thing left to do is to do it…….

So, with that, here’s what you can expect in 2024:

  • We’re going to grow our Jet Card portfolio just over 50%.
  • Our Fractional program will be out of availability by year-end (really by the end of 2Q, but who’s counting? 😉), so – if you’ve been on the fence – get it while it’s available as it’s first come, first served.
  • A new, formalized referral and reference program. I’ve long been a believer that the best way to grow is partnering with the customers you have to get the (new) customers you want.  We’re prepared to (literally) put our money where our mouth is.
  • At least three new, managed aircraft.
    • Ear to the ground specifically for a super-mid or two (Citation Sovereign, Longitude, or Latitude). Bigger might not always be better but it sure as hell is always cooler and makes for better stories.
    • A couple Excels and/or XLS.
    • A CJ3(+) or CJ4(+) or three.
  • Grow the sales team by at least one team member.

I’ve long been told to “Shit in one hand and ‘wish’ in the other. Let me know which one fills up faster,” so none of this is without a plan.  We’ve got the people, the structure, the timing, and the timeline(s) in place to accomplish it all.  You’ll see more consistency in our messaging, how we deliver it, when we deliver it, and, generally, more of it.

Personally? I’m committing to using fewer ellipses (and parentheses) in my writing…….