We’re excited to announce that we’re developing a brand new method to serve our customers’ transportation needs – Silverhawk Shares!

Silverhawk Shares will offer fractional ownership options across 3 different aircraft types – the Cirrus SR22, Citation V/Ultra, and Citation Excel. In each case, buyers will have the choice to purchase options that would provide for 50 or 100 hours of use per year.

This program will offer all of the benefits of aircraft ownership without any of the hassles. Owners will be able to fly in their own airplanes, when and where they choose, and they’ll also be able to take advantage of the tax benefits of owning a plane if they use it for business purposes.

We’ll also take away all of the negatives that can come with owning an airplane by offering simple, straightforward pricing. After the initial buy-in, there will only be a single monthly payment that will cover all fixed and operating costs for domestic travel. There won’t be any surprise maintenance bills or large costs from engine overhauls or upgrades, as all of this plus crew costs and more is already covered. This is a feature that we believe to be unique in the industry, with no extra hourly payments for flight time, fuel surcharges, taxi time, Wi-Fi, holidays, overnights, landing fees, or any of the other many charges that other fractional providers stack on.

Unused hours will carry forward, and there will be no re-positioning costs or hours used for pick-ups or drop-offs within 100 miles of Lincoln. Owners will also benefit from having access to the entire Silverhawk fleet. Jet Shares owners will be able to make use of other types of aircraft at no extra charge by just exchanging hours at a fair hourly conversion rate, and Cirrus Shares owners will receive Jet Card pricing on all other Silverhawk aircraft.

Just as with the Silverhawk Jet Card, we’re able to offer unbeatable rates and terms with our Shares program because it is designed with our local customers in mind. We’re not trying to capture a national audience with planes flying empty across multiple states and sometimes needing to make use of other operators for supplemental lift. Instead, Shares customers will always fly in Silverhawk-managed airplanes with Silverhawk crews.

Finally, Shares owners will have the peace of mind from knowing that they’ll maintain guaranteed liquidity of their equity. Owners may upgrade to a share of a newer or larger Silverhawk Shares aircraft at any time, and Silverhawk will guarantee to buy-back the share at Fair Market Value at the end of the ownership commitment.

For more details, please send us an email at shares@silverhawkaviation.com.