Life is about experiences! Your experiences have created a desire for something better in air travel, something remarkable and yet affordable. You know what you don’t want; delayed flights, crowded terminals, invasive security screening, and complex travel programs with limitations. Now that you know what you don’t want, where do you go from here?

You evaluate purchasing a Jet Card…easy right? With the promise of flying privately including flexibility, a quality experience and a cost savings over retail pricing, how difficult can purchasing a Jet Card possibly be? All you need to do is compare the hourly rate identified by various Jet Card providers and choose the one that fits the budget!! Except, it’s not that simple…

A recent analysis of several Jet Card providers contained over 43 topics for comparison, 172 pages, and size 9 font!! This was just for four regional providers.

Cutting to the chase…these are a couple “things” you need to be clear about when researching your options;

Fuel Surcharge: This is a “passing on” of fuel cost when it exceeds a pre-determined threshold. Essentially fuel is figured into the occupied hourly rate (OHR)…to a point. Once that point is reached, you begin paying an amount to cover fuel charges that were not built into the OHR. Fuel surcharges can add an additional $500 to $1100 or more per hour. Generally, this amount is not included in determining the OHR as it causes the rate to rise dramatically and is a fluid cost (no pun intended). NOTE: Silverhawk’s Jet Card does NOT have a fuel surcharge.

Initiation Fee: Some providers charge an Initiation Fee, yet do not account for this in their OHR. Research reveals no definitive answer as to what an Initiation Fee entails. Thus, it can safely be assumed the Initiation Fee is a method for providers to cover costs and yet likely do not account for it in the OHR. In one scenario, the provider charges an Initiation Fee of nearly $80,000 – yet they don’t account for this in their OHR (this adds an additional cost of $3,200/hour when looking at a traditional 25-hour Jet Card). NOTE: Silverhawk’s Jet Card does NOT charge an Initiation Fee.

All this to say…choosing a Jet Card “ain’t as easy as it appears” and frankly can be more expensive than is often stated. Be sure to properly define the costs, accounting for ALL possible fees, charges, etc. that will impact the true occupied hourly rate. Doing this helps to ensure you are making a proper comparison and making a fully informed decision.

Silverhawk is committed to helping our existing and future clients fly in “clean air” and to understand their investment options. Please contact Chuck Birnley at 531 333 5800 or at to ask your questions and to learn how to Fly Remarkably.