As the Flying Cowboys made their way to Oshkosh for Airventure 2019, they stopped in Lincoln on July 17th for the Low and Slow Fly-In and Reception hosted by Silverhawk Aviation, Old Green Plane, and the Lincoln Convention and Visitors Bureau. It was a great evening filled with amazing BBQ, cold drinks, and some of the coolest bush planes you have ever seen on display.

If you’re not familiar with the The Flying Cowboys, they are a tight knit group of aviation advocates made up of highly skilled pilots experienced in off-field operations, tailwheel, formation, upset recovery and basic acrobatics. Their main priorities are safety, having fun while serving the local community, and being mindful of the environment, hence the hashtag #HeavierOut you see on many of their social post. When flying in the backcountry their planes tend to be several hundred pounds heavier because they load them up with any trash they find, how cool is that! To learn more about them, check them out online at