We talkin’ ‘bout business.

You know, I don’t really write these things.  They sort of just right themselves.  And then sometimes they sort of don’t.  This one sort of didn’t…… but sort of did.  You know?

I’m more convinced than ever that people complicate business (whatever their business may be) because the more complicated their business is, the more job security they have.  Overcomplication is like insurance for people who suck at their jobs. Good, easy business, no matter the space, always seems to come back to three things:

  • Valuing the relationship over a quick “win”.
  • Understanding that all business is the information business.
  • Meeting in the middle.

Anyway, stop overcomplicating things and focus on people.  That’s it.  That’s business.

On an unrelated – well, sort of related? – note, one of the CJs is officially off-market to a local buyer. Don’t worry, it’s staying in the fleet and you’ll still be able to take it for a spin 😉

On a super unrelated note, I absolutely hate how using a winky-face messes up the line spacing.

Short, sweet and to the point this month.  All unusual things for me…..