Why Gogo? Because, and that’s all you need to know! This is the simple answer, but we all deserve more explanation.

At Silverhawk we have had the opportunity to install and experience 2 different vendor options for Wi-Fi. We have also had the pleasure of installing and experiencing the function of 5 different model options for the Gogo Wi-Fi systems.

Our first Wi-Fi install encounter was not a Gogo system; we opted for a budget system that saved on both the price of equipment and subscription cost. We definitely felt the sting of buyer’s remorse after experiencing the operation and functionality. At best it would connect for limited times for maybe an email or text. If more than 2-3 devices were logged on, the system would go into overload and wouldn’t work at all. We did end up moving this system to a lower slower aircraft and it functioned a little better. We did some additional research with another vendor option and received some similar performance feedback as our first experience.

Our next go around was with the Gogo system. Holy Smokes, this was a night and day difference. Other systems use satellite-based connectivity and are limited to voice and text, with possibly some light e-mail on occasion. Gogo offers ground-based broadband service with several different data plans to best fit your data usage needs.

With Gogo the evolution has been amazing. They now offer 2 Avance systems, the L3 and L5 with multiple data plan options. This gives operators the best functionality along with the best selection of hardware and data plans to meet your specific needs.

The industry has changed, people want and need to stay connected whether they are on the ground or in the air. Business efficiency doesn’t stop once the cabin door closes. Clients have become accustomed to the Wi-Fi experience, and it is not a perk anymore. It is expected and rightfully so, they deserve the best experience available, and that’s what Gogo delivers.

Gogo has recently announced they will be offering upgrade incentives to move from the ATG systems to the new Avance Series Systems. Give us a call today to learn more about these incentives, at 402.475.8600, or email Scott Shiells at sshiells@silverhawkaviation.com.