Effective immediately, Silverhawk Aviation will temporarily suspend Jet Card sales to new clients. This measure was put in place to ensure we can continue to provide a seamless, stress-free flight experience to our current Fractional and Jet Card customers, and not overwork our crews and fleet. To address the soaring demand for private aviation, we already have 7 jets that are pending FAA approval and plan to hire 20 pilots this year. We currently anticipate having limited Jet Card availability in September. If you would like to have the first right of refusal when Jet Cards become available, Silverhawk is maintaining a waitlist for those customers.

Why Waitlist? Fuel prices, high demand, and limited availability are driving Jet Card Prices up. Our waitlist will not only push you toward the top of the line when Jet Cards become available but also lock in current Jet Card rates. A deposit of $2,500 is required to be placed on the waitlist. Waitlist deposits are fully refundable at any time should your circumstances change.

If your need for charter hours exceeds 40 hours per year, we do have Fractional Shares available for purchase, and you can get going with that right away.

To learn more about either of these opportunities, click the links below.