Recently a long-time customer of Silverhawk Aviation requested a proposal for an Avionics upgrade for the Piper PA-23 Aztec. The Aztec is a light twin-engine piston utility aircraft manufactured between 1952 and 1981 of which 6,976 aircraft were built. The proposal was to be a blueprint for a fleet of Aztecs that would be used for aerial survey work. Aerial survey is a method of collecting data in many forms that include such methods as photography and geo-mapping and provides better imagery than satellites because of its higher resolution and image quality.

The equipment was specified in order to update and standardize the fleet by installing the Garmin G5, GTN 750, and GTN 650 as well as the Appereo ADS-B capable transponder and a Spidertracks real-time aircraft tracking device. A pair of G5s would provide an electronic upgrade for the DG/HSI, turn coordinator, and attitude Instruments and the touch-screen GTN 750 as GPS, NAV, COMM, and MFD with the GTN 650 providing redundant capabilities. Garmin’s Flight Stream 210 was specified to allow 2-way flight plan transfers, and to stream traffic, weather, GPS information, and back-up attitude information from the avionics to mobile devices. The Spidertracks unit provides tracking capability that can be used to monitor a single aircraft or fleet of aircraft from any internet-connected device allowing you to know where they are, where they’ve been, and what they’re currently doing.

Silverhawk Aviation was chosen to perform the work due to our 27 years of experience and our reputation for providing high quality work in, and behind the panel. We have schedule openings and offer expert avionics repairs, modifications, and upgrades for piston and light jet aircraft. If you need an ADS-B solution, WIFI, or panel upgrade, we would welcome the opportunity to earn your business.

Silverhawk delivers on time and at the quoted price with no surprises.