Andrew Johnson is our latest addition to the detailing side of our operation, he has come to us from the automotive industry with 9 years detailing experience. So far he has proven to have a sharp eye for fine detail. In Andrew’s short time in aviation he has been bitten by the aviation bug and expresses his love already for what he is doing. Andrew currently has aspirations of furthering his post high school education. He has 2 daughters, Ella age 6 who loves gymnastics and Leighton age 1 who just loves getting into everything. Andrew’s girlfriend Brooklyn adds great value to his life and he is committed to marrying her in the future, yay for them! He is very thankful for Brooklyn’s knack as a mother and enjoys spending time with his family as much as possible. A personal point of interest is riding his BMX bike on lengthy rides. He is very pleased to be here were are very pleased he chose us as his current employer. Next time you’re in the neighborhood stop by and book a professional cleaning with Andrew or Dion.