The simplest and most flexible fractional ownership program in the region has now grown to cover even more of your travel needs with the addition of a King Air E90 ownership option.  King Airs have always been available to Silverhawk Shares owners through simple hour conversions, but adding it as a fractional option allows Silverhawk to continue delivering on its guarantee of offering the best value in airplane ownership in the Midwest.

This King Air has the Blackhawk XP135A Engine Upgrade that improves performance and safety, upgraded swept blade turbofan propellers that increase thrust while reducing noise and vibration, and updated avionics to improve reliability and safety.  It will also be receiving brand new paint and interior later this spring.

By adding the King Air to the existing fractional options of the Citation Excel, Citation Ultra, and Cirrus SR22, Silverhawk Shares is able to meet any private travel need by connecting our customers with destinations across North America and the Caribbean.  The overall Silverhawk fleet will continue to grow to 16 airplanes with the addition of another two fully upgraded Citation Ultras and two King Air 200s within the next few months.

Silverhawk Shares provides elite access with just an initial investment and a single monthly payment to cover all ownership and operating costs that’s unique to the industry.  There will never be a separate hourly fee or a hidden charge, and different tax treatment as an owner when travelling for business purposes can lead to substantial savings.

Our Midwest focus allows us to leverage our in-house maintenance and avionics teams, fuel, and hangars whenever possible, which means we can take those savings and give them back to our partners.  We will also re-position for free to your home airport within 200 miles of Lincoln.

To learn more about how our fractional program can benefit you, please visit or contact Chuck Birnley at (531) 333-5800 or