We have had Wi-Fi in our homes and phones for years, but this has been a fairly new opportunity for airlines and general aviation. Well, now Silverhawk Aviation is very much in the mix of the Wi-Fi world.

We currently have installed 2 Gogo systems in our aircraft – an ATG 2000 in one of our Citation 560’s and an ATG 5000 in our leased 560XL. We also recently installed the BendixKing AeroWave system in one of our 560’s and are working on our second ATG 2000 system in our 4th 560.

The exciting part about these opportunities is the new systems that are coming out this summer. Gogo has announced the new 4G system that will come to market in June or July. As we were installing the ATG 5000 in the 560XL, we also provisioned it for the new Gogo GG4GB operating system. We are in process of developing the full hardware STC for the XL, XLS, and XLS+ GG4GB Wi-Fi system.

Once the new equipment is available and the STC is complete, we will upgrade the 560XL to the new system. We were approached by Gogo for this opportunity and gladly accepted. We expect to be the first to come to market with the STC for the XL series aircraft.

We are also proud to announce that we will be developing the STC for the GG4GB on the 560 classic aircraft, Ultra, Encore, and Encore+. There are some very large cost saving opportunities if you reserve your 4G spot by submitting your aircraft S/N by March 31, 2017. Contact us for details on how you can take advantage of this opportunity. Stay tuned for further updates on the great Wi-Fi adventure!