Since becoming a Robinson R44 Factory Authorized Inspection, Repair, and O/H Facility in March, a lot has happened.  We’ve completed our First Annual with the help of a seasoned helicopter tech from Kansas, and have our second one scheduled for the week of June 17th. We are aggressively marketing this service throughout the Midwest and are hopefully the final choice to complete two 2200 HR Overhauls coming due in November from a local Nebraska operator. To help with the workload we’ve added another tech that has done a considerable amount of work on the R44 models to compliment the two factory trained techs we already have.

The Robinson Helicopter is an amazing aircraft that so fits its intended niche and in the scope of the cost of aircraft is relatively inexpensive to purchase, operate, and maintain. To date Robinson has produced over 12,000 helicopters and have 3 core models. The R22 Type Certificate was issued in 1979, the R44 Type Certificate was issued in 1992, and the R66 turbine Model Type Certificate was issued in 2010.

We are excited to offer R44 owners and operators another option for service in the region. As always Silverhawk Aviation guarantees an on-time delivery, at the quoted price, with no surprises. Feel free to spread the news that we support Robinson Helicopters and hopefully next time you stop by we may have one or a few in different stages of inspection, repair, and/or O/H. To learn more, please contact Gene Luce at 402.475.8600 or