Silverhawk Aviation has proudly partnered with TenDot Travel to create an entirely new way to experience private travel!  MTLegs offers the ability to take advantage of available empty leg flights with no additional cost aside from the membership.

When a private jet is chartered on a one-way flight or when repositioning is needed to pick up or drop off passengers away from the plane’s home base, an empty leg becomes available.  Since the plane will be flying this route, anyway, there becomes a unique opportunity to snag a luxurious experience at an unbeatable price.

Limited memberships are available in the Lincoln, Omaha, and surrounding areas that allow access to this program, and members will receive the same individual travel support and tailored customer service that is the hallmark of private air travel.  All of this comes without needing to arrive early and wait in long lines like has become the norm in commercial flight.

Visit or call 888.741.1031 to learn more about your gateway to private travel!