Silverhawk Aviation is dedicated to exceeding the expectations of our base, charter and transient customers. In the effort of continually improving our customers’ experience with us, we have evaluated and partnered up with Embassy Suites and Doorstep Diner to provide a much higher-end catering option for our clients.

Embassy Suites Tel: 402.474.1111

Located in Downtown Lincoln, Nebraska, Embassy Suites is able to provide a number of dining solutions that encompass excellent, individually packaged Lunch, Breakfast, and Dinner entrées. Cheese and Cracker trays, Steak and Ahi Salad, and Signature Cheesecake highlight Embassy Suites offerings to our clients.

Doorstep Diner Tel: 866.505.2456

A locally owned business that specializes in high-end Lunch and Dinner entrées. Specialized lunch, dinner, and snacks come in an elegant and individually packaged container, with high quality silverware and presentation.

Catering options for both partners can be made with ease through our Silverhawk Aviation Customer Service Department 402.475.8600, by emailing your order to, or directly via the businesses, with minimal notice.