Now that the cat is out of the bag on the *potential* new aircraft, it’s time to look at some more details! Since our last email, unveiling the choice, we have definitely had a lot of interest! The only thing needed now, is four amazing people to help us go get it!

The Falcon 900EX, with three engines, is still capable of operating in and out of relatively short runways. It can fly as high as 51,000 feet, at an amazing 527 mph. With a range of over 5,000 miles, you can depart Lincoln in the morning, and have dinner in Paris that evening – NONSTOP. You can comfortable walk down the 6’1” tall cabin, find your favorite seat, and enjoy having a very large seat with both the window view and aisle access! It is able to carry over 6,000 pounds of your closest friends and their luggage.

If we acquire this aircraft, it would give us the full spectrum of fleet flexibility. Other operators who offer similar aircraft charge anywhere from 40-100% more per hour than what we plan to charge in our Fractional Program. There are also plenty of ways to maximize your total hours if you only need a couple trips per year in the Falcon, and wanted to use the rest of your hours in one of our Citation Ultras or Excels.

We would still love to hear all of your questions and comments to help us tweak the program and decide on what the seating configuration could look like. Please contact John Geary at 402.475.8600 or to discuss anything you still need to know!