White sand beaches, calm seas, warm weather, and rum. The Caribbean is an unmistakably great choice for a vacation getaway. Silverhawk Aviation is your trusted choice for safe, convenient, and comfortable flight to your favorite island escapes. Learn more about recent flights to The Bahamas, Turks and Caicos, and Antigua.

With weather nearly as clear as the water, the Caribbean offers beautiful conditions for vacationing and flying. The geography of the Caribbean makes traveling with Silverhawk Aviation particularly convenient and attractive compared against scheduled airline service. Combine spectacular views with convenient access to the most popular destinations as well as some of the more inaccessible islands.

For the most recent flights to The Bahamas, Turks and Caicos, and Antigua we saved our clients hours of valuable time by departing from airports convenient to them and flying directly to their destination. The only way to do the same through the airlines is via multiple connecting flights (with time-wasting layovers) or ferry rides. Silverhawk provides enhanced privacy by utilizing private airport terminals and arranged for personal ground handlers to usher our passengers through customs with minimum hassle, rather than as part of a plane or boatload of other vacationers.

Go for the weekend or stay for the season. Flying to the Caribbean with Silverhawk Aviation gives you the time and energy to take full advantage of your days. Land closer to your destination, faster than the airlines, and arrive more refreshed, ready to make the most of your getaway.