Do you need a reliable digital radar with features not available on your current radar, or are you tired of paying for repairs?  Consider an upgrade to Garmin’s Doppler-capable, fully stabilized color weather radar.

The solid-state technology in Garmin’s GWX 75 maintains a consistent weather picture over its entire life cycle and features a high-definition color palette with up to 4 times more colors than traditional radars for more detailed contouring of storm cells.  It combines full antenna stabilization (requires AHRS or gyro interface) with horizontal scan angles up to 120 degrees.  Optional Doppler-enabled turbulence detection and ground clutter suppression enable more precise weather interpretation and ground mapping mode provides a real-time depiction of geographical features to aid in visual navigation.

The radar fits a variety of aircraft radomes with 10″ or 12″ antenna sizes.  With the ability to display more color intervals than traditional four-color radars, the Doppler-enabled GWX 75 radar helps take the guesswork out of real-time weather tracking and analysis. The additional colors provide a far more nuanced interpretation of storm cell dynamics.  This high-definition target contouring combines with exceptional range and adjustable scanning profiles — both horizontal and vertical — to allow you to more accurately assess a storm threat via your compatible flight deck or multi-function display.

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