Passenger, crew, and maintenance technicians safety is top of mind for everyone right now. Because of this, Silverhawk Aviation is now offering an aircraft disinfection and detailing service.  This is a Vital Oxide fogging system that can be done on relatively short notice with little down time. It will entail an interior wipe down after treatment to ensure no residue or film is left behind. To date this process has no negative effects on interior, carpet, cabinets, or avionics. Cost for this service is $750.00. Additional detailing services such as, carpet extraction, bright work, boots, dry wash, and wax/polish are also available.

Some facts about the disinfection and detailing service:

  • The process uses a portable AeroClave unit that uses an EPA-registered, hospital-grade disinfectant on all interior surfaces in the aircraft. Depending on the size of the aircraft, the process can use either an aerosolized application for hands-free disinfection or it can be hand-applied with a portable applicator.
  • The disinfectant produces no harmful by-products for the environment, contains no VOCs, and is 100% biodegradable. It is also non-corrosive and has been proven safe for various custom surfaces and avionics found in business aircraft today.
  • After disinfection all interior surfaces are wiped down to ensure there is no film left behind, rest assured this system does not stain or leave any effects behind.
  • Depending on the aircraft the process will take 3-4 hours with wipe down.
  • Additional detailing services are also available.