This Year, Purchase a Share in the Jet of Your Dreams Instead!

Make sure you use the tax laws in your favor. When you purchase a share of an airplane, you may be eligible to use bonus depreciation to expense the purchase right away. If that isn’t enough, you can also write off your All-In monthly costs for business use, too. Silverhawk Aviation offers the easiest solution to get you on your way to owning a piece of a jet and all of the tax benefits you’re looking for. 

Leveraging nearly three decades of aviation experience, Silverhawk Aviation has created a unique program developed specifically for you. Choose the airplane you’re interested in, how many hours you want, and enjoy our simple solution for all of your travel needs. Did we mention you can also help save yourself from writing a check to the IRS?

To learn more about Silverhawk Aviation or the opportunity to invest in the fractional ownership program, please contact Chuck Birnley at 531.333.5800 or

*Silverhawk Aviation and its affiliates are not tax advisers. Please talk with your legal, financial, and tax professions for advice as part of your due diligence.