Deciding how to travel can often be confusing and frustrating, especially when you choose to fly. Rates constantly change, planning layovers is a nightmare, and once you’re seated in your mode of transportation, it always seems to be near a screaming child or arguing couple. Luckily, we’re here to help. This week we’re walking you through the differences between flying charter versus commercial, and what you can expect from either choice.

commercial flight in the air

Know what you’re getting yourself into

Commercial: With commercial flights, the goal is to find the most affordable option with the least amount of layovers. You’re never exactly sure what you’ll be walking in to, such as how big the cabin will be, how clean the seats are, or who you’ll be sitting next to.

Charter: With private charter jets, customization is key. Do you prefer an extra large enclosed lavatory? A small cabin for just you and a business partner, or a large cabin for your entire team? Would you like simple refreshments or an inflight bar? Often times you’ll either get to tour the jet or receive pictures upon request so you know exactly what you’re getting yourself into.

Endless landing zones

Commercial: Commercial planes are often restricted in which airports they’re allowed to land. Whether it’s due to their size or company, landing zones are often far from where you need to be. This tacks on another hour or two of driving time from the airport to your destination.

Charter: Private jets are smaller, more agile, and are allowed to land in various airports that restrict commercial planes. This means that you can be dropped off and picked up closer to your specific location, allowing you to either get extra vacation time in, or fit in an extra meeting or two.

a male and female flight attendand on a charter flight

Nervous flier?

Commercial: Flight attendants are experts at keeping their guests calm and relaxed. However, unless you remember to pack distractions, there’s not a whole lot keeping you preoccupied when you’re in the sky. Most commercial flights offer a weak WIFI connection, if any, often leaving the electronic distractions you packed to be pointless.

Charter: With private jets, you’ll most likely have access to WIFI equipped with talk and text service, flight stream Bluetooth iPad connectivity, XM radio, and a refreshment center all wrapped together with custom interior design and paint to create a relaxing atmosphere. If you need more than that to keep calm, most private jets allow you to bring your pets along if you ask ahead of time.

What about the cost?

Commercial: It can be really confusing trying to find the best commercial flight cost with different deals floating around the internet. When you find an affordable flight, you often are making sacrifices to compensate, such as with excessive layovers, terrible seats, or an unnecessarily early or late take off time. If you’re not a frequent flier, sometimes commercial flights are enticing with their broadcasted price tag, when in reality you’re paying more in other ways.

Charter: Many people aren’t sure how to pay for charter services. This is because with charter services, there are different options you can choose to find affordable flights that fit your needs. For example, taking advantage of an empty leg flight will save you money (this is when a charter flight is booked for a one-way trip, which creates an “empty leg” journey to the next destination). This option is good for infrequent fliers who don’t consistently need round trip flights. Fractional ownership is another great way to get the flight you need when you need it at an affordable price. Much like a timeshare for planes, fractional ownership involves sharing the jet with other families and individuals. If you’re a frequent flier, consider opting for a fractional ownership arrangement so you get get all the hours in the sky you could possibly need.


If you have any additional questions on how charter jets can benefit you, call us today to chat about how Silverhawk Aviation fits with your busy lifestyle. There’s no better time than the present to start flying with optimal comfort and class!