AVANCE L3 and L5 are comprehensive in-cabin Wi-Fi systems that operate on Gogo’s ATG network. They are designed specifically for business aircraft and offer enhanced connectivity applications. The AVANCE platform is innovative in business aviation because it’s a software-centric approach rather than being hardware centric. That means the AVANCE systems are flexible and scalable, even customizable for the user – especially the L3 which can be configured at three different levels to best fit the user’s needs. And the L5 is more robust for activities such as streaming audio and video, email with large attachments. The Wi-Fi equipment developed by Gogo Business Aviation has a dual-band router, meaning it can operate on either the 2.4 or 5 gigahertz (GHz) frequency which delivers improved in-cabin performance for a superior passenger experience.

Beginning in February of 2017 SHA began the process of developing the 1st generation STC for the Avance L5 Gogo Wi-Fi system in the Citation 560 Excel, XLS, and XLS+ platform, this STC achieved final approval in October 2017. After completing this STC we seen it was good and began the next step of revising this STC to include the new system Avance L3 for the 560 Excel series aircraft and the classic 560, Ultra, Encore, and Encore+. During this revision process the classic 560, Ultra, Encore, and Encore+ was added to the L5 approval. This revision approval was authorized in September of 2018, very exciting and opportunistic. Since the revision the sales of STC has done very well and we have been a part of several connectivity upgrades beyond what has been done locally in our facility. We have been able to sell STC’s north to south, east to west, and Canada.

The addition of the PMA’d external antenna adapter’s has been a very popular addition to the STC and has greatly added to the completeness, convenience, and reduced cost of purchasing an all-inclusive turnkey solution to installing connectivity into your aircraft without the hassle of getting design, engineering, and approval data and documentation.

We are currently beginning the process of evaluating what is the next Citation model to target for the next Gogo Wi-Fi STC project. Stayed tuned for the decision!

To schedule a date and time to install a Gogo AVANCE system at Silverhawk Aviation in Lincoln, Neb., or to order the complete STC kit for installation at any authorized Gogo Business Aviation installer, call +1 402.475.8600.