Silverhawk Shares has grown and evolved over the past two years to include options to fit nearly every travel need within North America and the Caribbean.  Fractional owners can choose from a Citation Excel, Citation Ultra, King Air 90, or Cirrus SR22 in order to always select the right plane for each trip.

As we’ve grown, we’ve started to receive more and more questions regarding options to fly outside of North America – typically to destinations like Hawaii and Europe.  So, we’ve been doing our homework to determine if this was a need that we could meet while still delivering our guarantee of providing the best value in airplane ownership in the Midwest.  There’s no question that this is an option that we COULD provide, but we are only interested in doing so if it provides our local customers with a sizable advantage in both value and service over anything else available on the market.  In short, the answer appears to be a resounding YES!

We’ve narrowed the list of large cabin candidate airplanes to 3 likely choices:  Challenger 604, Falcon 2000EX, or Falcon 900EX.  Like the rest of our fractional options, we would fully upgrade the plane with new paint, interior, avionics, and wi-fi.  Also, after the initial share acquisition price, a single monthly all-in fee would cover all costs of ownership and operation.  Simple hour exchange rates allow access to the entire Silverhawk fleet, and guaranteed liquidity options provide peace of mind.

Each aircraft model has its own advantages and trade-offs when compared to the others depending on factors like payload, range, number of seats, baggage space, and costs.  Each airplane would be the right choice for different missions and trip profiles, and that is where we’re asking for your help.  Early adopters will be able to help us choose the right large cabin jet to add to our fleet.  If you think that might be you, please let us know where you might want to go, how often, and the number of people you’d want to bring along.

Once we’ve established which airplane would help us deliver the most value to the most people, we’ll be able to finalize our pricing and to also put together incentives for initial deposits to help us take this next step.  We’re excited to continue expanding the Silverhawk Shares opportunities, and we look forward to taking this journey with you!

If you’d like to provide feedback on your anticipated large jet usage or to request more information about Silverhawk Shares, please contact Chuck Birnley at or call 531-333-5800.